Lumenier QAV250 - Racing Drone

Ready to Race! Top Spec! Nearly New!

Price: £350.00

What the Seller Says

My own personal racing drone, very little used, maybe 10 flights all in, I am a model plane line of sight flyer and to be honest I just could not get on with the whole FPV flying bit. This was built to a wish list, basically to out-do my mates... Lumenier QAV250 frameFRSky RecieverFull Team Black Sheep PowerCube V2 with FPVisionTeam Black Sheep ZeroZero camEMAX RS2205-S Race Spec motorsThis is really ready to race, I have a bunch of props I can throw in too. If you want to do local collection we can maybe talk about a cost for all of the battery packs I have for it.