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CARBON QUADCOPTER FRAME GEPRC KX5 ELEGANT 205 x 205mm Decent used condition Please check out all the pics to satisfy yourselfBlurb: Our team keeps thinking that how to make a rack which is balanced both in competition and freestyle. Perhaps, GEP-KX5 can make you feel the good balance by its new and fresh design. GEP-KX5 is wished to be designed as a rack which is quite elegant and graceful. This is the reason why it is named as “Elegant”. For structure, “Elegant” has a most outstanding feature that the battery center is used as the balance point, which makes the gravity of the whole battery in the middle. Such a design will be good for turning because of its good hand-feeling. And it is not easy to draft. What’s more, the design will make the effort and power-supply to the four motors well-distributed; and the design will lower the calorific value of the motor but improve the use efficiency of the battery. Thanks to the big wheel base (243mm), TrueX design and a wide wheel base ratio, Freestyle can move flexibly, lowering the flow disturbing made by each propeller. Therefore, it can fly more stably and freely. For materials, the carbon board is made of 3K pure carbon fire plates; the one-in-all high accurate CNC arm is equipped. The camera and video recorder base is made of high-strength aviation aluminum (type: 7075), which is processed in a high accurate way. By a fine docking with carbon board, the new design will have its hardness 50% higher than the traditional one, so that the device will not be easy to be hit and hurt, the pilots can be more worry-free. However, the whole weight of “Elegant” is only 115g. “Elegant” uses YFS screws so that it is not easy to be rusted and the strength (grade 12.9) can meet the needs. By now, we have spent almost one month testing “Elegant”, definitely, it is a good choice for Freestyle or racing assembly. Features: The battery is located above the arm, which shall be in the form of a symmetrical distribution. The center is in the middle of the whole machine. When flying, the pilot can have good hand feeling. The motor output is more balanced and more high efficient; the design lowers the risk of damaging the battery when being collapsed.Camera and the video recorder use #7075aviation aluminum alloy, which is processed in a high accurate way (high accuracy CNC), making the whole machine good-looking and solid.The one-in-all high accurate CNC arm is made of 3K pure carbon fiber plates, whose structure is simple but solid. The arm is quite narrow (14mm) so the wind resistance will be smaller.The front part and rear part are supported by aluminum pieces, while the side board connects with the aluminum parts, making the structure solid and firm. Besides, such a structure can efficiently protect the electronic equipment inside the machine. . Therefore, it is quite practical and good-looking.By True X structure, it is suitable for competition and freestyle fly. The motor rack has a stand-out design, which can protect the motor when there is a collision. There are spacing holes for motor wire, which will make the wiring easier and more convenient; the motor wires are tightly close to the arm bottom, which will not adversely affect the look but better protect the motor wires and ESC (electronic speed controller).The 2mm bottom board can well guarantee the flight control; also, it can protect the components from being damaged when collapsing and landing.YFS screws (strength: grade 12.9) can ensure a good hardness. Specifications: Name:GEP-KX5 Elegant Weight:115g Wheelbase:243mm Props Size: 5inch Size:205*205mm Arms board:4mm Base board:2mm Side board:1.0mm Recommended: Flight Controller:F3 /F4/Naze32/ CC3D Motors: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306 ESC:20A-35A Propeller:5inch Battery: 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1500mAh